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Lester and his magic wishes

Lester was given a magic wish By the goblin who lives in the banyan tree, And with his wish he wished for two more wishes– So now instead of just one wish, he cleverly had three. And with each one … Continue reading

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Path Of Heaven Paulo Coelho

A Man, His Horse and His Dog Once upon a time, a man, his horse and his dog were travelling along a road. As they passed by a huge tree, it was struck by lightning and they all died. But … Continue reading

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Happy Doctor’s Day

Happy Doctor’s Day. Tomorrow will be the first of “Shahrivar” in Iranian calendar, they call this day the doctor’s day, because of a great man, who used his intelligence and made a name for himself and his country. Avicenna, had … Continue reading

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Healthiest Foods on Earth

these are Healthiest Foods on Earth, which nature has given us. 1. Berries 2. Beans 3. Nuts 4. Wild Salmon 5. Raw Milk 6. Grass-Fed 7. Eggs 8. Apples 9. Onions and Garlic 10. Pomegranate Juice 11. Green Tea

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Body Mass Index ,Fat or Thin

Health is important, very important. Actually, Health has a Specific definition, you can find it in net very easy, but today I don’t want to talk about definition of health, I don’t want to discuss if the modern society is … Continue reading

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Birth in virtual world

Today, something was born. Today I was born in the virtual world. Although in Real world I am 43 , but I entered here,to  learn like a newborn ,gradually becoming familiar with get around Does this birth would be useful … Continue reading

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