Remedies for food poisoning

farsiEveryone has experienced food poisoning, we can be poisoned at anytime, maybe in an outside picnic, in the country and when we eat something that hides the poison in it,s enchanted beauty. Everyone has experienced the nausea of food poisoning and maybe we were sick for a few days.


Food poisoning can come from mild to severe. It can have symptoms such as nausea, stomachache, diarrhea, vomiting, and headache with dehydration. By knowing the type of food poisoning, you can always have a remedy and find a way to cure it, however there are some types of food poisoning or infectious diseases that need admittance to hospital and apply antibiotics, but we won’t talk about them in this article. I have a list of remedies that are very useful for food poisoning; these are some of remedies found in grandmothers’ remedy cases. Ginger1)   Ginger Ginger is a flavor and additive for food and sweets. However it is a remedy for digestive problems. A teaspoon of honey with a few drops of ginger juice, or ginger tea with honey can lower the digestive pains or inflammation


Cumin2)  Green cumin This herbal seed is a pain killer for stomach inflammations, lowers the pains and is a help for curing the intestine or stomach inflammations. Scrub a teaspoon of it and add it to soup, and enjoy. Using smashed green cumin tea is helpful too.


Bazil 3)   Basil Basil is a great cure for throat and stomach inflammation problems. Squash the leaves and pour it in a teaspoon of honey and see the affects in an hour or two.



mint4)   Mint tea Put mint leaves in the pot and pour hot water on it, the tea can decrease the intestinal pains and cramps. You can apply mint oil on your stomach; the symptoms dissolve in a short time.


Banana5)  Banana Banana is a useful source of potassium, it fantastically helps in returning and curing the problems made of food poisoning. Smash an apple and a banana or only a banana and eat it.



Apple6)  Apple It is helpful in curing the food poisoning as it is in lowering Acid Reflux and heart burning. It has enzymes that stop the development of diarrheal bacteria and stomachache.





appel vinigar7)  Apple vinegar It covers the intestine and stomach mucus membrane, and makes the flora of intestine unfavorable for bad bacteria.




Lemon8)  Lemon Lemonade’s acidity destroys food poisoning bacteria. Add some sugar to lemon juice and drink it as a curing medicine.  





9)   Water To be hydrated during the food poisoning is vital. Body loses a lot of water during the food poisoning and it needs a lot of it, also water makes toxins diluted and excreted.




Dr A. Ebrahimi


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  1. saeid says:

    Mofid bood, ham farsish ham englishes.
    Faghat 1 ja to Engllish, 1 eshtebah typi has k dorostesh konid bad nis.
    through bayad beshe throat. Chon fek konam manzoretou galo bode.

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