Beware of the leap year problem.

There are some problems with the leap year. farsi

Us Iranians have our Jalalian Calendar and use it to set dates for our works, meanwhile we use the Gregorian calendar too, and because of that, leap year is a problem for us. You want to know why? I’ll tell you:

After marriage, the midwife day had became an important day for me, and I had to remember the date: 15’th of Ordibehesht or 5th of may. I’d learnt that the adjustments between Gregorian and Jalalian Calendar don’t change, and are always the same, but the midwife day was celebrated in 16th of ordibehesht. First I thought the authorities had made a mistake but when I looked at my calendar, everything was right. It was strange, the things I’d learnt were wrong. There was no balance between Gregorian and Galalian calendars.

Nowadays, because of the power of internet, every kind of date is adjusted by Gregorian calendar, and because of the end of this balance, once in 4 years; face book, outlook, etc. just get messed up and informs us about the date a day after it.


We all know about leap years, each year is about 365 days and 5 hours and 48 minutes, but we calculate each year for 365 days. But once in 4 years, year is 366 days, that year is a leap year. Every solar calendar uses this method but the difference is in the day of leap up.

In Jalalian Calendar, the leap up day is the last day of Esfand. But in Gregorian calendar, the leap up day is in February. This means that in the leap year, the 29-day-month of Esfand has 30 days, but for the Gregorian calendar, the 28-day-month of February has 29 days.

This difference causes the problem, because the Gregorian leap year happens 14 months before the Jalalian leap year. 2012 in Gregorian and 1391 in Jalalian Calendar are leap years. 28th February is 9th of Esfand, and 1st of march is 10th of Esfand, but in the leap year, every day in Gregorian calendar shifts for one day(so 1st of march is 11th of Esfand and so on), this shifting goes on until the last day of Esfand and then everything runs as usual. This shifting can cause a disaster if you don’t mention the leap year in your calendar, for example you will say happy birthday to your friend a day after his/her birthday.

How to fix the leap year problem?

You should do the celebrations and etc a day before, and you will have to do this until the last of Esfand that year.

A. Ebrahimy

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