Fatness and 11 ways to confront it

Fatness and 11 ways to confront itfarsi

Different reasons such as fast food, doing works with less moving, has made fatness one of the most important diseases in our century (world).

To lower the weight, aside from taking a diet and exercises (those are vital), you can use different ways, mostly with psychological reasons too.

If you are overweight and you want to have a well-formed body, you can use these methods too,

1)      Eat slowly and patiently

Eating food, biting it, chewing it, and swallowing it, sends the pieces of food to Esophagus, stomach, and activates the digestive system. Until the time you are stuffed, you have the will to eat. And when brain understands that you are stuffed, you won’t like to eat any more.

It’s been proved that the faster you eat the food, the later brain understands you are stuffed, and you will enter a large amount of food into your body. Eating the food slowly and chewing it calmly and swallow that and put anther morsel in your mouth and repeat chewing ,….   the food be mixed with saliva, and it will digest more smoothly, and makes you feel stuffed faster.

2)      Count your bites.

It’s very hard and exhausting, when chewing with the molar teeth, count how many times you chew, try to use the molar teeth bites for every piece to 15-20, and then raise it (it takes a long time to get there) to 50 bites or more. With this, not only you eat slower, but also the food is mashed better.

3)      Eat in a peaceful place.

Nutrition scientists have understood that eating in a peaceful place without any stress, helps in eating food slowly; noise and high-volume music makes you not to know what you have eaten, and how much you have eaten so you eat more than usual.

4)      Don’t eat near Computers or TVs.

When you’ve working with your computer or when watching TV, makes you not to concentrate on your food, and you won’t know what you’ve eaten, it has been proved that you eat more snacks when you’re watching TV, than when TV is not on. In a research, they gave some people watching some rotten popcorn, when they were watching their favourite movie, they ate it all!

5)     Make the dish smaller.

Brain has it our reactions for many of our actions. The number of times the spoon gets in the mouth is important for your brain.
For example, you ate a big dish of rice, and the spoon went in your mouth 40 to 50 times. Now you have a diet and the number reduces to 10-15 times. Brain won’t send the ‘stuffed’ signal. But if you make the number return by using smaller spoons, you will have the ‘stuffed’ signal, although you didn’t eat as much as usual.

6)      Start eating late, end eating soon

If you eat with your family, try to join them late. By the time you start serving your food; all others have started eating. Eat with patience and try to leave the table soon. Being near the food table makes you eat more.

7)      Don’t eat with the hand you use most

If you’re right handed, use the spoon with the left hand. (and the same story for the left handed people). This slows you in eating because you can’t use that hand as well as your other hand. It again makes you eat less and feel stuffed sooner.

8)      Eat with formal clothes

Don’t wear your casual clothes, formal clothes are tighter and that gives pressure to the stomach, and that makes you eat less, and feel stuffed sooner. But don’t wear too tight clothes, it can be unpleasant and it doesn’t have any food effects.

9)      Eat when you’re looking at the mirror

In some researches, placing a mirror near the dining table makes people who are watching themselves in mirror, eat less fat foods.

10)      paint the dining room blue

According to psychology of painting, warm colors such as orange and red gives you more appetite, and that’s one of the reasons most burger shops are painted in red. But cold colors like blue, gives peace, according to some researches, using the blue paint, in dining room (by all means, not only the wall paint) makes everyone eat less

11)     smell what you’re eating

Smelling food has interesting effects on brain, it gives you appetite, but then again in some researches smelling some fruits such as banana and cucumber can help lowering your weight.

The things I mentioned aren’t as good as diets or exercising, but they are always helpful if you use them when taking a diet.

Dr. A. Ebrahimy

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