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farsiToday I remember a Wise advice of my mom. God bless her, she told me “when you will be a father, can understand your parent»

Many years ago when I was a student, away from home and family, each of the call phone with Mom make me happy and I forgot homesick filling ,  I was happy to hear the sound of the merciful mother. And this was a way to inform all of my family that I am healthy.

It was too far from Isfahan to Rasht, it was impossible to go home every time you wanted. Only hearing of the voice of mom was a nice drug to help me

I can remember those days, we have call home by public telephone –those day nobody has cellphone- we have to find coin to call and stay in a line, waiting to your turn. If people in cabin stay long to speaking, others inform her/his to finish call. It was a bad chance if you find a soldier who was speaking his girlfriend. The apartment which we rented did not have phone so we have to go out. Thursday evening was the best time of calling; we went out to walking.

Sometime the school work makes me busy and I could not think anything; I do not have time to think of home and homesickness filling. I only think about lesson. That time I could not go out and call home. Sometimes 10 or 15 days pass and family did not know about me. Of course, I also had a record of 25 days missing.

Distance and to be away from home make kind mother worried about me, when she heard my voice by phone the first question was about any problem of mine, ask me about my health and the reason of no calling. When I told mom about my lesson and business she told me “so busy you could not call 2 min “

I told mom do not worry about me, and asked her about other. I just make funny speaking to make mom happy. I said about everything but mom told me “you cannot get my filing, you have to be mother, but unfortunately you cannot, but some day you will be father, I wish you understand me”

Many years have passed. So many times I heard my mom’s complaint about my calling. She only told me “you can get my filling if you will be father”. I got married, and my son was born. My son makes me a father but I do not filling of mom’s whishing, until a few days ago I fill my mom with my heart.

How many time you try to say other about of pain of burning. If other did not burn cannot understand of burn filing. It is a special pain it is not similar others, so, if you did not burn you don’t fill that pain. May be you fill pain of bone fracture but those have different filling.

Navid- my son- went to camp by school pupil for 4 days. School of Navid has a nice roll of two times a year camping. Pupil cannot bring cellphone to call; it is another roll of school. He has a telephone Card to call home. In past camp he had called every day but this camp he did not call home all 4 days. School makes a SMS center to noticed parent about pupil. So SMS center told me when I have to be in train station. This was a chance Navid call me and told me the time of arrival, but he did not call me. I had phone No. of Navid’s camp, but I did not call him. May be I think about pride of teenager and I do not want to make a baby filling for my son.  Four days I did not hear a single voice of Navid.

Every time my mobile rang I thought it is Navid. I ask Kimya and Nikta (wife and daughter) about calling of Navid. I remember my mom and her filling. Navid has a very nice and good time in camp. It can be a great experience for them, to learn more and more, but this camping was a great experience for me. I got a filling which I do not test it.

Very interesting accident was the city of camping, it was Isfahan.

A. Ebrahimy


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