Happy Doctor’s Day

Happy Doctor’s Day.farsi

Tomorrow will be the first of “Shahrivar” in Iranian calendar, they call this day the doctor’s day, because of a great man, who used his intelligence and made a name for himself and his country.

Happy Doctors Day at First Of Shahrivar Of Avicenna birthday

Avicenna, had had much effect on different sciences that we actually put on a suit made after his ‘turban and aba’ on our graduation day (actually all over the world they do this), a scientist that his word was rule in not only medicine, but also in politics, jurisprudence and other kinds of science at his time.

In Iran, the doctor’s day is the day he was born, much to doctors’ joy and pleasure. Still, how much pleasure this day makes for us is another thing.

With all the deficiency that healthcare hygiene has around this country, and with all the good and bad attitude toward the doctors- my fellow co-workers- I must say this to my co-workers, and to every single doctor in this country, Happy Doctor’s Day.

Dr. A. Ebrahimy

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