Body Mass Index ,Fat or Thin

Health is important, very important.farsi

Actually, Health has a Specific definition, you can find it in net very easy, but today I don’t want to talk about definition of health, I don’t want to discuss if the modern society is healthy or not, what I want to write about today, is something related to health, Imbalance in weight.

We have a scale for balance of weight, it is called BMI, and in medicine, they use it as a proof for knowing the range of fatness. But

what Is BMI, or Body Mass Index?

Find your weight in KG, divide it to square of your height (in Meter), now you’ve found your BMI, i.e.  I’m 70 kg, and I am 1.74 meters long, so my BMI will be : 70/ (1.742)= 23.120

How can you use BMI?

According to the science of Medicine, you can find out if an adult is normal, thin, or overweight.

Body status

BMI range

Underweight (thin)

Less than 18.5


Between 18.5 and 24.9


Between 25 and 29.9


More than 30

(If your BMI is less than 16.5, you are dangerously thin (there is a big trouble for you

Fatness, also has three classes, class one is between 30.1 and 34.9, class two is between 35 and 40 and class three is more than 40, it’s obvious that the higher the fatness class is, the more problems you will have to deal with

It will not hurt if I remind you of an interesting point, what the society calls fat or thin, and what makes the beautiful people go to nutritionists, is actually different from health’s definition.

For instance, in medicine, a woman with a height of 1.64 and weight between 50 and 67 kg, is normal, but to adjust a diet, a range about 58 kg is normal, and if the weight is higher, a diet will be adjusted.

Technically, BMI has a different scale for males, females and children (between 2 and 20 years old) and you cannot compare people with different age, or gender. In kids, a girl and a boy with equal height have different definitions for being fat or thin, but that is another story, which I will probably write later

Dr. A. Ebrahimy

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