7 tips to improve your memory

Memory loss: 7 tips to improve your memory                             farsi

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Piano_170548316[1]_textCan’t find your car keys? Forget what’s on your grocery list? Can’t remember the name of the personal trainer you liked at the gym? You’re not alone. Everyone forgets things occasionally. Still, memory loss is nothing to take lightly.

Although there are no guarantees when it comes to preventing memory loss or dementia, memory tricks can be helpful. Consider seven simple ways to sharpen your memory — and know when to seek help for memory loss.

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What should we eat in the Ramadan to control of thirsty?


Ramadan is in summer this year, in the  warmest and –of course-longest days of year. Fasting in long days makes thirst and dehydration a very important problem for fasted people. They do not eat or drink anything from sunrise to breakfast, which means you should bear this situation for 16 hour, what you eat before sunrise and after breakfast has an important role in controlling thirst during the fasting time. So I guess it won’t hurt if you pay special attention to the notes below

Suggestions for what to eat so that we will not get thirsty during the fastingtime

  • Don’t eat spicy foods, specially before sunrise: eating spicy foods makes you want to drink water

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The old Schaub Lorenz


The old Schaub Lorenz television enchanted everyone, with its awesome wood, the bright brown color and its door made every one die for it. The door, that had two pieces, you had to open them both; it seemed like a living room waiting for guests.

You had to open them with patience to prevent any probable damage to its lamp.
On the top of TV there was a vase too, a decorate table and a TV. Although for us it was more decorative that a TV.

The first time I saw the TV in our house, I went to elementary school, which meant that the Cruel Shah[1] was still hurting every one and there was no “down with the king”. I had to go to school in the morning for a week and then the next week I had to go to school in the afternoon, and when it was the afternoon-school-weeks, I understood the meaning of “hurt” when the good cartoons were on TV and I was at school.

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Remedies for food poisoning

farsiEveryone has experienced food poisoning, we can be poisoned at anytime, maybe in an outside picnic, in the country and when we eat something that hides the poison in it,s enchanted beauty. Everyone has experienced the nausea of food poisoning and maybe we were sick for a few days.


Food poisoning can come from mild to severe. It can have symptoms such as nausea, stomachache, diarrhea, vomiting, and headache with dehydration. By knowing the type of food poisoning, you can always have a remedy and find a way to cure it, however there are some types of food poisoning or infectious diseases that need admittance to hospital and apply antibiotics, but we won’t talk about them in this article. Continue reading

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Good Advice Of Kurt Vonnegut

farsiThey informed me that I should speech for my son’s school’s “graduation” ceremony to high school. What a world! In Whole education time, I just had one graduation ceremony, and that was graduation from University, which they forced the university to have it. But nowadays for moving to every new grade they have a ceremony.

They informed me when I only had an hour to get ready, my son’s grade has 128 students and I must’ve talked to this many students and of course their parents. I’ve learned to take hours for writing one minute of the speech’s transcript, but I couldn’t use that and I had to improvise.  to get set for the speech, I thought of the speech’s of others in such ceremonies, for example: Steve jobs’ speech in Stanford university has been famous.

I remembered Kurt Vonnegut’s conference for” Ladies and gentlemen of the class of ’1998”, which anyone will enjoy reading or listening to it. The time they’d translated it, it had been very famous and everyone thought it was real, but later I understood like George Washington’s axe, it was a beautiful but fictional story.

After a lot of problems, I made up a speech and spoke in the ceremony, but Vonnegut’s  conference was very interesting to me.

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Human Wirless Conection

farsiIt was a few years ago, when I was watching The Avatar movie, I remembered the time I understood about wireless and Bluetooth connection.

Those times I thought what would happen if humankind has a wireless connection in itself, how more beautifully and enjoyable would the world be, each of dreams and opinions of one would be understood by others.

What would happen if you could transfer subjects that you can’t tell to others, so that other ones can understand it as you do? Just as in the avatar when avatar people could be one with animals or plants with connecting their hair with them. Being one is joyful.

Sometimes, talking can’t tell what is in the heart, sometimes transferring a feeling is impossible, for example you can’t explain the joy after listening music, or a lot of things such as this.

Then, people set their signals with each other, if signals of emotion are set, understanding will happen.

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Beware of the leap year problem.

There are some problems with the leap year. farsi

Us Iranians have our Jalalian Calendar and use it to set dates for our works, meanwhile we use the Gregorian calendar too, and because of that, leap year is a problem for us. You want to know why? I’ll tell you:

After marriage, the midwife day had became an important day for me, and I had to remember the date: 15’th of Ordibehesht or 5th of may. I’d learnt that the adjustments between Gregorian and Jalalian Calendar don’t change, and are always the same, but the midwife day was celebrated in 16th of ordibehesht. First I thought the authorities had made a mistake but when I looked at my calendar, everything was right. It was strange, the things I’d learnt were wrong. There was no balance between Gregorian and Galalian calendars.

Nowadays, because of the power of internet, every kind of date is adjusted by Gregorian calendar, and because of the end of this balance, once in 4 years; face book, outlook, etc. just get messed up and informs us about the date a day after it.


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Fatness and 11 ways to confront it

Fatness and 11 ways to confront itfarsi

Different reasons such as fast food, doing works with less moving, has made fatness one of the most important diseases in our century (world).

To lower the weight, aside from taking a diet and exercises (those are vital), you can use different ways, mostly with psychological reasons too.

If you are overweight and you want to have a well-formed body, you can use these methods too,

1)      Eat slowly and patiently

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Rudkhan Castle in Gilan , Iran

farsiIn The top of the mountain after all effort for difficult climbing you find a huge and beautiful Castle which remind you about some people who fought for their homeland, the people who believed and for their creed, they fought and died.

ghale 01

We’ve heard aboutIsmailiyyah and the story of Hassan-e Sabah and their castles all over Iran – ALAMOUT in Qazvin is the most famous of them- you can find history of their power in all cities of Iran. They made castles and live in it. Rudkhan Castle is one of them. It was a military complex which had been constructed duringSeljuk Dynasty by followers of Ismailiyyah sect.

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love of parents

farsiToday I remember a Wise advice of my mom. God bless her, she told me “when you will be a father, can understand your parent»

Many years ago when I was a student, away from home and family, each of the call phone with Mom make me happy and I forgot homesick filling ,  I was happy to hear the sound of the merciful mother. And this was a way to inform all of my family that I am healthy.

It was too far from Isfahan to Rasht, it was impossible to go home every time you wanted. Only hearing of the voice of mom was a nice drug to help me

I can remember those days, we have call home by public telephone –those day nobody has cellphone- we have to find coin to call and stay in a line, waiting to your turn. If people in cabin stay long to speaking, others inform her/his to finish call. It was a bad chance if you find a soldier who was speaking his girlfriend. The apartment which we rented did not have phone so we have to go out. Thursday evening was the best time of calling; we went out to walking.

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